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All Domestic Engineering

Domestic Engineer The Headquarters Family Readiness In The Work Place

What is All Domestic Engineering?

The Domestic engineer is responsible for the analysis, design, planning of the home and related social structure of the home front. Many Domestic Enginners are also employed or volunteer in other occupations as well. There is much talk on how being a parent or stay at home gives us "Baby" brains even when trained or employed as an engineer, scientist or other profession is far from the truth. In truth it is often more of a workload to work from home than away in an office away from home. The hours are longer, with few to relieve one of his or her duties. Some parents feel as if they are air traffic contollers in the home 24/7 without a break. Education, continuing education and plans for upgrades is always on the agenda. Without Dometic Engineers, our civilized society would miss and important function of having a true "headquarters" called the home. Which in the military is called "quaters."  Maintaing the Domestic Headquaters is valuable to the efficiency of everyone.

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Domestic Engineers are the primary purchasing and scheduling officers at home headquarters. They are the driving force in this economy as consumers and voters. Reaching out to the Domestic Engineers by facilitating growth and Innovation developement will drive the economy up. Create more of a social stability and increase productive behaviors. Innovation and progress toward parent cenetered envioronments will create stability.  It was once thought that women were a rsik to employ during child bearing years, this is especially a former case in married women with family in mind.  The guilt of motherhood and a work environement geared towered individuals without including the responsibilitiy of a family integrated work place. Defieciencies utilizing technologies and services that already exist shuch as coorporate child care deficiencies. telecommuting and shorter interfacing workdays. Increase affordable childrens programs. Vitrual offices, offsite recepion.



Family Prepardness/ Readiness

Most military divisions have a family readiness officer to assist families duing deploments, however, many private sector companies and department of defense contractors do not have such a valuable program in place. This progran is idea in the event of travel assignemts due to :


Field Assignments

Symposiums/ Conferences

Relocation/ Geobachelor

Deployments/ Training

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